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© (P) 2017 Bobby Jasso for ZenRage Media. All Rights Reserved.


SLAVE (Explicit)


I seen you wavin’ your freak flag…
[Spoken – f/x vox] I bring you hope from the edge.

V 1
Forgive me, I was walkin' by
jus’ mindin’ my own.
And I could not help but overhear
the sound of your soul.

V 2
My name is Truth and to many
I'm a spiritual guide.
I know a great burial ground for those
smoke signals in your eyes.

I seen you wavin' your freak flag.
Did ya think you was all alone?
Here at the Church of The Disenfranchised,
welcome home.

CH 1
My destiny is to help you find the saving grace you’re due
cuz I’m a slave, a slave to you.
Until you show this beautifully fucked up world
your desire to break through,
I’ll be a slave, a slave to you…
a slave to you.

V 3
I spent my life walkin’ alone in the dark.
I let a screamin’ demon death wish
guide me to my last step
and I, broke my maker’s heart.

V 4
For whatever reasons this world
says you just don’t fit in,
I bring you hope from the edge:
don’t give up, please, don’t you give in.


CH 2

BRIDGE 1 [Spoken]
I'm taking up a collection,
of all the pain you hold inside.

So gimme what you've seen,
gimme what you've heard,
gimme what they taught you
to believe about you.

Dig deep and gimme what you fear,
gimme what you hate,
gimme what you wish you never felt and I,
I will give it a voice.

Yeah I'll give it a voice,
and I'll sing it all away.

CH 3

Oooh and I’ll be a slave to the sound of your soul,
‘til you set me free so I can find my way.
Got to find my way.
Help me find my way, back home.

OUTRO [Spoken – f/x vox]
I’ll always be here,
in the sound of your soul.