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A reading from the book of Pain…

V 1
Another day of hell in the city of angels,
so says the setting sun.
In our psychosocial turbulence,
love lost, hate won.

V 2
Can’t you see our passion for the flashpoint
is blocking all the blessings?
Dim, grows the light that shines
on all that we’re missing.

The human race is a race against time
and it looks like time is winning.
I read the last page first in the book of life.
It said, maybe,

CH 1
Maybe if we lead with love.
Maybe if we lead with love.
Maybe if we lead with…

A reading from the book of Fear…

V 3
Darkness drives, ego rides
shotgun in the mind.
We play the soundtracks of our lives
full-blast in stereotypes.

V 4
Mutual misunderstanding,
for all the energy it takes,
we forget we’re being judged,
by the choices we make.


CH 2

I don’t profess to know the truth any more than you.
All I got is two hands worth of solutions
attached to these two open arms
and I’m prayin’ for the day we find the way
to rise up and lead with love,
yeah, lead with love,

Ooh, witness…
A reading from the book of Hope…

We’re every color of the rainbow.
Now if only we were color blind,
we could see in shades of gray
and maybe find some peace of mind.

Spiritual beings,
starving inside,
dyin’ to be,
empowered by the light.

And it leads me to believe.
Yeah I can’t help but believe,
if we all just believe, yeah, and 

CH 3

CH 4
Lead with love: There’s a big white light in the shape of a cross.
Lead with love: It’s high atop these Hollywood Hills
Lead with love: and it’s standing tall through all the chaos we create
Lead with love: in this our land of thunderground thrills.

CH 5 
Tell me what you think the only answer is: Love.
Scream it to the heavens let ‘em feel your: Love.
Tell me what you think the only answer is: Love.
The whole world’s waitin’ to be healed with: Love. [repeat]

Love, lead with, love, lead with. 
Tell me what you think the only answer is.